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Christine Pitts




✨I am a God loving, girl having, ever creating artist and business woman. Living with passion, Loving with all my heart. # I am an Ambitious Badass that dreams BIG! 👑Queen of Building Relationships! This skill helps me navigate through life, from working in the corporate level to speaking to the customer service person on the other end of the phone. I enjoy building people up with confidence and love. ⚡️My super power is to connect with people and make them feel like they are all that matters! I am Extremely Passionate, and I ENJOY making people feel incredible and the best version of themselves every time we are in each other's presence 💫Things I do, and who I am💫 *Sales L’Oréal 💜UD *Event Executor *Build Strong Relationships *Team Player *Business Leader *A Pro at building different territories across US *Makeup Artist 💋 *Pet lover and owner *Mom, Daughter and Friend *Colorado native (not too many of us) *Plant lover🪴 *Create my own Sunshine ☀️ ✨I Love listening and learning here on Clubhouse. I have made so many amazing authentic connections. ⭐️My 2 Kids ROCK My World!! ⭐️My Mom is truly my Hero♥️ ✨I Love people, as well as listening to their stories; it makes my life richer. ⭐️I think we should pay attention, look and listen for those very special, true blue tribe members. 💥I Love all things beauty and artistry. I am the Best in class Customer Service. I have gained this bragging rights worthy reputation due to working in cosmetics field for over 25 years. I am Absolutely passionate about helping businesses grow. I am also SUPER driven. I ALWAYS, (without a doubt) surpass my professional goals, both mine as well the corporate goals. 🤑🤑🤑 ☀️A Dreamer and a hard worker! I’m extremely blessed to have a career that doesn’t feel like work. I am ambitious and I have a BLAST being me! I am a Strong woman of God with a servants heart, and have lots of good high energy. ♥️ I am passionate about helping people feel beautiful, strong and empowered. ☀️I Get up everyday to be better, to do better. I am adaptable and embrace change, as well as having a growth mindset. ☀️I am Open to new connections. Always and forever evolving into a smarter more beautiful me that I know and believe I was created to be.☀️ ❤️My family, dogs and my kids have all of me, this is where I find my Sunshine. ☀️ 💥I put Glitter everywhere!!♥️ Follow me ⬇️