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Christian Wehner




Senior Director Innovation Strategy @SAP CX | Chapter Lead Munich @Mindful Leadership Circle | Professional Speaker @Disrupting Minds GmbH About me. A 34 year old happy father who fell in love with backpack-trips through untouched countries, design / interior, fine dining and watches. My favorite song in a karaoke bar: “Escape” from Rupert Holmes, yes the Pina Colada Song! Okay back to business. Somehow I was kicked out of school when I was 14. I was hustling hard but I couldn't find an apprenticeship, not even an unsalaried internship. My ways led me to a DIY market to the radio. Then I began to work for Red Bull and it was a privilege to be part of the Red Bull Media House but I left my safe house to help build the third fastest-growing tech company in Germany in the year 2016 (Ryte) Today I am an international speaker (Disrupting Minds) and Senior Director Innovation Strategy @SAP CX. Why do I open myself up like this in public? I want to express a call for optimism. Promote non-linear CVs! Be a big kid, be playful and always face tomorrow with curiosity and creativity. TL,DR: Let’s share wild ideas, Yalla!