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Christen Lien




🎶 Composer and performing artist. 👑 Empress of the Cosmic Balcony club. 🎼 Performing spontaneously on CH.  🎻 My viola and I have had adventures around the globe performing for: - The Dalai Lama - The Obama Admin - Burning Man - Google - Microsoft - MIT Media Lab 🎧 Listen to my music when it’s time to focus, train, heal, write, paint, meditate, feel deeply, and when you need an emotional, haunting film score. 🗝 Co-Chair of NEXUS Music.  Lover of martial arts, philosophy, surrealism, absurdity and belly laughs. 🖤 “There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion.” -Edgar Allen Poe  Bi-racial HAPA and first gen American. 🤳 How to support: Venmo & CashApp: 💲christenlien PayPal: Spotify, iTunes, etc: Christen Lien