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Chris Saad




Serial Entrepreneur. Strategic Advisor. Angel Investor. Author. Fmr Head of Product @ Uber Dev Platform. Aussie living in both SF & Brisbane. Curious about everything. I have some time set aside to work with a limited set of companies on a 1:1 basis. I help them build teams, products, platforms, and brands by... - Helping them to clearly articulate the problem and product solution - Providing Silicon Valley insights & connections (including influencers & VCs). - Designing org structures, roles, responsibilities, and processes for high-growth companies. - Interviewing & closing world-class new hires. - Reviewing day-to-day execution to ensure consistency with the long-term vision. - Shaping and elevating product strategy (determining the right problem to solve, crafting the right kind of product solution, communicating what the ideal north star looks like). - Shaping and reviewing products (particularly as it relates to core UX metaphors, polish, social & viral mechanics, retention, monetization, APIs and open standards). - Supercharging the existing product management team (working together with existing PMs to help them think through their roadmaps, product requirements etc). - Reviewing go-to-market strategy - particularly as it relates to brand, personas, value prop, and marketing (website, blog posts, marketing collateral etc). - Participating in day-to-day team meetings to encourage bigger, bolder, smarter bets. - Helping them fast-forward to the future. Learn more at