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Christopher O’Hare P.hD




🔥 From victim of repeated childhood rape to survivor entrepreneur, with a detour to prison along the way. Now my passion is To end 🔥 Childhood sexual abuse 🔥 Recidivism 🔥 Animal abuse If we work together we can lower the recidivism rate from a disgusting 75.6% to even single digits. Ph.D = Poor Hungry & Determined [email protected] 212 470 1989 Mental Health and Education Warrior I make my money as a Doggie Photographer Passions: 🥳 Sticking up for the little guy Jesus ⛪️ ~ America 🇺🇸 ~ Dogies 🐶 Love ❤️ ~ The NY Yankees ~ Fun~Photography I Help Entrepreneurs Keep More Of The Money They have Worked So Hard To Earn Please follow me on Instagram and Twitter