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Drinking Ketones keeps me Happy 😀 Founder of the WEDDING MOM I am looking for contributors to share tips for The Mother HELPING HER CHILD PREPARE FOR THEIR WEDDING! Are you overwhelmed getting ready for your child’s wedding? The Wedding Mom is a Resource Hub for all the things a Mothers will need. Do you have a child? It is never to early to prepare for their wedding. Let The Wedding Mom help you make Magical MOMents 🎉💜 GET CAMERA READY FORM THE INSIDE OUT 📸 Explore these six pillars with us. 1.FRAME OF MIND 2.FITNESS 3.FASHION 4.FOUNDATIONS 5.FAITH BRING ME INTO YOUR LIFE FOR A TRANSFORMATION! My passion is connecting problems to solutions💜 The Power is in You to be helpful to others! STAY CURIOUS ⁉️ OUR HEALTH SPAN IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN OUR LIFE SPAN‼️ Read that again 💜🧠💥 INVEST IN ALL AREAS OF YOURSELF 💸 Founder of the Non-Traditional Entrepreneur (NTE) club. Linktree info in Instagram bio 📲