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Professor Chris Imafidon




🇬🇧As multi Guinness world record holders, we mentor you to discover, develop and deploy the genius in you so that you can achieve records in education, entrepreneurship or employment. Prof Imafidon is an award winning keynote speaker. Co-founder #GeniusFormula which has produced multimillionaires & tech-preneurs, help staff to 10x productivity, &!students who win top (Ivy League) scholarships and featured in Forbes, BBC, CNN, New York Times, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, FT, ITV, Sun, Sunday Times, Guardian etc. 📺 📚Chris is a 5X International best selling author. Ex-lead Professor, MBA degree programme. Headed EIE’s collaboration with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin mentoring program in London, UK. SkyNews/ABCNews says “Adviser to Royals, Presidents, Governments and corporate leaders; Professor & mentor to multimillionaire tech entrepreneurs, leading professionals and students. Chair,” We are obsessed with bringing out the best in employees and entrepreneurs or youths and women or disadvantaged individuals. Grandma made all the difference with patience and she demonstrated the path to success. He is an Artificial intelligence pioneer Since covid19 #pandemic, Professor Chris Imafidon has inspired workers, managers and leaders on how to thrive in turbulent times via virtual meetings and trainings. Using #Zoom, Microsoft #Teams, #Webex, #StreamYard and others, we help corporate clients globally. He was named as one of the top 100 influential leaders in the UK in the last 100 years! Every employee is GENIUS if given the appropriate tools, techniques and technology. Success is always sure if you follow our simple instructions given during our e-seminars, webinars, #EIEBootCamps, and Sky TV program's. One is honoured and fortunate to have supervised some of the most dedicated students, managers, leaders and entrepreneurs ever. We wish to salute our PhD, MPhil, & Masters students in US Ivy league institutions, UK Russell group universities and the world’s leading schools. Our work have led to recent awards, and numerous scientific papers/book chapters and invitations to speak in Parliaments as well as opportunities to train senior legislators, and industry leaders. We will continue to disseminate our findings in all fields via hybrid means. Please DM via today or join us on Saturday for a zoom party Contributing author, to many landmark papers and books