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Chris Gylseth




Professional problem solver and continuous improvement agent. My team and I solve business problems, specifically within: • Tech/Software • Operations • Sales • Manufacturing • Supply chain • Project management ✅ Increase your sales through better conversations and “mafia offers” (offers so good your prospects can’t refuse them). DM “SALES” for a FREE consultation. ✅ Increase your throughput (goods sold or projects completed) while improving quality and your work environment. This is gives you: 👉 More profits added to the bottom line 👉 A place where people want to come to work 👉 Happier clients 👉 Strengthened reputation Yes, you can have it all! When NASA wanted to find the best practices for project management and operations, they sent a man all around the world to study the best of the best. For 30 years he has implemented what he learned in businesses of various sizes. Here are some examples of the results: • A solopreneur was able to double his profits in a few hours • A division of Intel increased their profits from $350 MM to $850 MM • Product lead time reduced from 6 months to 1 month The two most recent examples of what we have accomplished are: • Improved performance by over 100% in a software project, with the staff thanking us for improving their work environment • Took a manufacturing company from barely breaking even at $4 MM in 2020 to making $7 MM in 2021, with the majority of the difference being profits Get results that matter! Start by connecting with me and sharing your situation. _________________________________ Father and husband passionate about people and growth. Love to learn about new things, cultures, languages, and places. I’m the kind of guy who’d rather play a sport than watch it, or attend a hands-on workshop instead of reading a book (even if I do enjoy reading books). _________________________________ ➡️ Serial entrepreneur (tech and non-tech). ➡️ Startup advisor ➡️ Business & strategy consultant ➡️ Sales trainer DM “SOFTWARE” to discuss your app idea or software project.