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Chris Davey




🇨🇳 China Based 🇬🇧 English Gentlemen | Amazon Expert | 8 Figures Sold on eCom | Serial Entrepreneur | Speaker | Brand Owner | Dyslexic | Click Here ⬇️⬇️⬇️ _______________________________ 🦸‍♂️ Made by Dyslexia 🇨🇳 Living in China since 2012 💸Went from 0 to 7 figures in under 12 months 💰 8 Figures sold on e-commerce ⬇️ Left school at 16 👔 Owner of three brands 🎪 Organizer of the world famous FBA4U Amazon Networking event in Guangzhou, China (during Canton Fair) __________________________________ Designing, engineering and source our own brands of products. We just design products that sell, no special tactics, just good products! 📍Shenzhen, China 👩‍🎨 Product Designer 👷 Brand Builder 💰Top Seller on Amazon 🌏 Worldwide Brands 🛒 Sourcing Expert 🎤 eCom networking events in China 🔌 Super Connector 🎪 Canton Fair Expert 🔊 International Speaker __________________________________ 🌎 For more info about Amazon and our events checkout the resource we have built at ➡️ __________________________________ 🎯 30+ years real world business experience within multinationals before starting multiple business in 2014 Been involved with the purchased hundreds of million of dollars of products and parts in China 🇨🇳& Europe 🇪🇺 in the last 20+ years Global Supply China Manager Global Sourcing Expert [CIPS] Supplier Process Engineering NPI Head of Sourcing [New Product Introduction] Design Engineering Value Engineering’s DFM Expert [Designed For Manufacturing] Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma SAP lmplementation Consultant __________________________________ Other Skills Mentoring [Limited Time] Dyslexic [Its a super power] Design CAD Adobe illustrator Automation Outsourcing Audiophile Hi-Fi Geek Loudspeaker Expert Ex B&W - Bowers & Wilkins __________________________________ Message Me ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Connect with me on wechat : chris_zhuhai