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God First | Joshua 1:9 | Community Enthusiast | Breathing resilience, empowerment for social impact ✨|Listener & Learner ⚒️ #jointhenetwork 🔗 💫Dedicated and hardworking humanitarian with a strong passion for helping others and a comprehensive background in providing professional support to children in need, youths & single mothers desperate in need. 🎬CEO/Executive Director for the Child Network Organization. 🇺🇬 👉 Empowering vulnerable communities to provide #everychild a chance to better education, clean water, health, nutritious foods and a future they never envisioned through sustainability projects & regular support.🎗 Feel free to share the!!!! 👭Once a Partner at The Be Rare Community based in South Africa for Woman Empowerment & Educational platform ✨ 💎Core Values 🕯Transparency and Accountability 📈 Positive impact 💡Innovation 📚 Research 👨‍💻Technology 👩‍🎨Creativity 🏠• On Clubhouse to hang out with inclusive humans that champion a fair, equal and safe space. Connect if you’re a change maker or a passionate positive purpose that stands for equity and social justice. 🚧Opinions are my own. 👉 🧑‍💻Project Lead at “THE CNO WEAVING & TAILORING” 👇 Our children, youths & vulnerable mothers make one-of-a-kind weaving handmade products using sisal and modern design.🎨🤗 Each piece is crafted with love made especially for you! 💗 •Feel free to contribute to this sustainability project [ ] All fundings raised will go to support the needs of children under charity Reg. 1701447 ‼️Do not forget that the world is full of fake people. And you might be the victim of that fakeness. To avoid this, reach out to me to clarify before dealing with anyone using my name seeking for any kind of support. * I’m open to talking to everyone. Hit the links below👇to find me on social media or send a back channel message. Thank you for your support! ✂️ 📧Email: [email protected]