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Audrey Woodley, B.S, M.Ed NMLS ID is 2311030 Mortgage Broker, Managing Partner Audrey & Co, & Government Consulting Providing services to startups and not-for-profits. Financial Wealth & Legacy. Changing Oasis, Inc. - is a nonprofit agency that provides an array of programs and workshops for individuals in the Chicagoland area. Accredited by the state of Illinois, we offer young adults ages 16-21 & adults seeking apprenticeship the opportunity to earn receive training and earn a high school diploma. Changing Oasis serves as a resource for training, support & leadership development.   Founder Audrey Woodley stresses personal responsibility in finance management/budgeting, education and attitude. Changing Oasis, Inc. participants are held accountable to their life goals through journaling, positive mental attitude exercises, mentoring, life coaching, journaling, life skills, etc. Audrey believes that whatever the dream; big or small, it can be achieved with the fundamental knowledge that comes through education. Audrey encourages everyone to build their success on an educational foundation, whether that is high school education, college degree, or trade school training because she believes that knowledge opens doors to more opportunities.   Our Mission To build a movement to sustain from poverty, inequality, discrimination and educate and enhance health and wellness. Our Purpose To inspire, educate, empower and acknowledge the success of teens and women. The Vision Changing Oasis empowers women to build and transform their lives where they are and rise to their potential. Participants will attend weekly meetings every month and hear from experts on the above topics.  What Program Participants Will Learn:  To identify their life goals (i.e. achieving a high school diploma, securing subsequent employment, finding entrepreneurship opportunities, etc.).  To assess their own personal skills and abilities in an effort to achieve set goals.  To manage risks in an effort to help avoid decisions that impede progress, negatively impact, and/or even possibly eliminate future opportunities for success.  To access job resources with training and part-time employment  To apply for postsecondary education and mid-level management training  To have better attendance, graduation rate, and self-motivated   Photo credit Tiffany