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Dr. Cheryl Wash-StoryBoss




Traditional publisher of best-selling inspirational, novel and children’s books. #storyboss 🇺🇸DM “Publishing Help”🎯I will help you write, edit ✍️and publish🔥 “lit” 🔥content that can be distributed physically and digitally in the streets, classrooms📖 and boardrooms. 🦈❤️We all love a great story! I love sharing the story of how I learned the secrets of how to scale my voice while swimming 🏊‍♀️ with the sharks 🦈 ! 🌈We can own our truth 😇🙏and make money by sharing the stories our souls came to tell. It’s ‘Storytelling For Business’🎤🏦💻📲📖. 🌊I am the ‘Shark 🦈 with the Heart ❤️’. ❤️Shark Tip: Stop 🛑 all the emotionally charged ranting, venting, hating and posting your quotes, thoughts and intellectual properties on social media for free and let me help you create business building content. Let’s collaborate to discover, brand and sell your WHY. Click the link in my IG bio to read or buy the books 📚 I published on Amazon & Kindle. I can guide or “do” the following for you: Media Kits 📺Press Releases 📱 Social Media Amazon Kindle Self-Publishing 🦾Independent Traditional 💄Vanity Press Subsidy Press 👥Hybrid Distribution Logos Ghostwriting Cover Designs Editing ISBN Barcodes Literary Agent 📝Query Letter Editing Interior/Exterior Intellectual Property Journals 📓 E-Books 💻 (Lead 🧲 Magnets) Novels 📖Children’s 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 Art/Pictures/Photography Graphic Novels Dissertations Magazines Manga Inspirational 👩‍⚕️Self-Help An excerpt from my story👇🏽: 🙏Global Corporate Executive Experience : 🌎Global Service Financial Consultant for top brands: 🛍McDonald’s Corporation, Pepsi, BP Amoco, U.S. Gov (GTS GSA) Technologies, Managed Services, Telecommunications, Program & Product Development, Global Accounts, Revenue Operations, Sales, Program & Product Development, Commissions, Pre-Sales, Business Development). I am “info lit”🔥 and a CL (Continuous Learner): 🎓Associates in Arts in Business Administration 🎓Bachelor’s of Arts in English & Teaching of Writing 🎓Master’s in Adult Education & Corporate Training 🎓Executive Management Education and Doctoral Journey: 💰 🏦Non-Profit Management and Advanced, Major & Strategic Fundraising 🙏😇 Divinity, Metaphysics and Spirituality 📊📱Organizational Leadership with a Specialization in Systems & Technology 🆘I am NOT a LIFE COACH, MD Medical ⛑Doctor, or Mental 🏥Health Professional. 📞📲Call ☎️ 911 if you feel triggered or you feel like you may harm yourself. Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 1-800-273-Talk Crises Text 741 741