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Cheri Calico




“Who Are Youu?” - The Blue Caterpillar 🐛 Intuitive Life & Psychedelically Informed Integration Coach💫 Philly Jawn + Global Citizen. Where are we flying after this? ✈️ 🧘🏾‍♀️Called to guide you when aligning your Purpose & Life’s Work by re-discovering your Soul Story with the assistance of Human Design, Gene Keys, Your Akashic Records & Sacred Ceremony Integration. Pieces of my own story: 💫National Coalition For Sexual Freedom- Up & Coming Advocacy Award 2022 💫Keynote Speaker- Penn Law School 2022 💫Condor Coach 💫Virtual & Live Event Curator. Social Entrepreneur. Founder of : @IntuitByDesign @ThePolyCulturalDiversityAlliance @BlackPolyPride ✳️ Let’s share stories & integrate lifetimes around this virtual 🔥 : ✳️ Mycelial Mente ✳️The Temple of Wizardry ✳️CareFreeBlackGirl Some things I’ve become passionate about this go round 🌎 : Community Creation, Culture+Travel, Abundance based mindsets , Pleasure, Sacred Medicine, Alternative Love-Styles, and Astrology’s role in Life planning, Purpose mapping and Business structuring. ♏️ ☀️ ♎️ 🌚 ♒️ Rising 💫 ♐️ Lilith MC X 3/5 Splenic Projector $CheriCalico