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Charity George




Pastry Chef, cake🎂, sugar🍭 and chocolate 🍫 artist. 🎂 Cake Artist & Food stylist from 2017-20 for the Emmy nominated 🏆NAILED IT! On NETFLIX (49 episodes). 📺 Cake & Baking 📺 TV show consultant, food stylist. Owner of d’Zrt Cake Studio in San Diego, CA Single mom to 3 amazing (mostly grown) kids! Waterpolo sport mom! Health nut and 🍊 Orange Theory addict. Newly found love for Hiking 🥾! Currently in development of my own show! 🍾🎉 President of the Board of Icing Smiles, a non-profit that creates custom celebration cakes for kids with medical illness and in medical crisis. Live host of the upcoming Sugarthon! On YouTube Live May 2021 YouTube video series: Chef Charity channel: Chef Charity’s Favorite 🤩 things! IMDb: Charity George 34+ year food industry professional. Started with the Easy Bake Oven👩‍🍳! Now in demand for various TV projects. Soul sister = Julia Child!🧈🥐 I love to network, teach🍎, help others succeed, provide others with opportunities like people have provided me over the years. Pay it forward. So much to learn in pastry and food. I grow as much as possible to use in my own food products 🍃🍃👍🏻 Food science 🧬 geek. I’ve done projects about the “farm’s table” 🐓 what we put in our farm animals - that provide us with their by-products 🥚 so we can create delicious food that’s healthy and won’t make the public sick 🤒 in the long term. Pastry Arts Magazine Podcast About to Break Podcast American Cake Decorating Magazine Edible Artists Magazine 2014: Top 10 cake artists - Dessert Professional Magazine Bake Magazine Chef Rubber ambassador Nielsen-Massey Vanillas ambassador