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🇩🇪Let‘s talk about 🚀 Marketing 🏠 Real Estate 💰 Stock Investing 🌳 Sustainability Contact: [email protected] ESTJ-A Moderator in the largest real estate talk club "Immobilien Talk" & „Immo Night Talk“ on the subject of acquisition & more. We help companies generate customer inquiries via Internet and convert prospects into customers over the phone/ zoom. Real Estate Consultant and Investor Also co-founder of the platform SSD Marketplace. It’s a marketplace for brokering promissory note loans (in german: Schuldscheindarlehen; SSD) and subordinated promissory notes to institutional investors. We bring investors and borrower together and place loans from a volume of USD 1,000,000 and more. Get in touch and let us provide you with a sample 📍Düsseldorf, Germany 🇩🇪 Contact: [email protected]