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They can live without their being.....but ....they can't live without their phone anymore .... Sadhguru🌹 Choose ( clubhouse yogis 😇) wisely 😇😇 You are in the present momentss ......but inside the mobile present moments 😀😀 Mobile is like our sixth element in our life (earlier pancha bhoothas😇😅) we experiencing nature, friendship, spirituality everything through mobile.🎃🎃 Rumi ❤️🌹 ❤️Milarepa❤️ Feelings are just visitors..Let them come and Go........Mooji🌹🌹 Detachment is a natural process and it happens when u get attached to something higher ,then attachment to smaller things fallss offf .. SRI M💕 The key to happiness is Reduction of Desires ...Bhagavat Gita 🌺 It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than perfect to live An imitation of someone else's life with perfection ...Bhagavat Gita 🌺🌺