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✝️❤️🙏🏾 Chase is ChaseNGod in all that she does 🖤 I woke Up Up I woke up So God has already filled my cup I opened my eyes and I could see all around me God had given me sight naturally I pleased Him with my faith spiritually My mind thought I am blood bought As my mind continues to think I praise God there is no missing link Then I spoke And on my words God didn’t let me choke From my mouth I began to exhale God can do everything but fail The sound of my voice was music to my ear Thank you God I still can hear And I got emotional from head to toe It was good feeling time as I began to glow As I praised even the more a sweet smelling savor arose I shouted thank God I can breathe and smell through my nose And in that moment I knew my taste buds were so keen Because I had tasted God’s goodness and I had seen his walking miracle named Nita L Chase That’s why my voice I raise to give Him all the praise Copyright November 24, 2021 🖊👏Poet on Demand with pen in hand to create personalized poetic messages 🎤Transformational Motivational Poet (TMP) 📕Author of Exposé of the Heart Amazon Barnes snd Noble Books a Million 🏠🎤Founder of Let’s PO-ET (Pour Out Empowerment Together) ✳️ Let’s PO-ET (Pour Out Empowerment Together) Clubhouse Sundays at 7 pm ⚖️⚖️Family Master Judge in Harrison County, Mississippi. ⚖️Co-owner of Chase Chase & Associates PLLC, Attorneys at Law. 🇺🇸USAF Veteran and Military Spouse Cashapp $Nitalchase Facebook@Nita Chase Facebook@Transformational Motivational Poet-TMP Instagram@ChaseNGod #Transformational Motivational Poet #Poet #Motivator #Mentor #Speaker #Author #Motivational Speaker #Panelist #Inspirational #Entrepreneur