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Hi! 👋🏽 I am Char (Sharr/She/Her) & I use 🧬 Genetic Genealogy to 📜 Find Out Where My Ancestors Reside 🗺. Reclaiming my Them One Cousin at a Time. 🖤🖤🇨🇲💚🇳🇬💛🇧🇯🖤🇹🇬💚🇲🇱💛🇸🇳🖤🖤 🧬Founder of Genealogy Kickback on CH🧬 📍Philadelphia Born & Raised 🎓HBCU Grad - West Virginia State University 💕💚Alpha Kappa Alpha Woman Nu ‘00👉🏽ΩΩ 🎗2013 Uterine Cancer Survivor 🩺2019 Kidney Transplant Recipient $charpower _____________________________ I am here to: ✨Connect ✳️Moderate 👂🏽Listen 🗣Discuss ☕️ Support _____________________________ My Passions are: 🎓Education🎓 ◾️Board of Directors - Christian Education Coalition for African American Leadership ◾️Board of Directors - College Visitation ◾️Patient Representative - Quality Insights Renal Network 4 ◾️PENN Med Trainer - Teaching first-year medical students in basic clinical and procedural skills including but not limited to: 📌Cultural Sensitivity 📌Age & Disability Bias 📌LGBTQ+ Bias 📌Culture & Chronic Illness Management _____________________________ 💪🏽Wellness 💪🏽 🥑🥩Keto on my Plate 🚴🏽‍♀️10-minute Bike Ride Daily 🚶🏽‍♀️10-minute Walk Daily 💧🧊100+ oz Water Daily 🧗🏽‍♀️12 Flights of Stairs Daily 🧘🏽‍♀️Meaningful Mornings & Therapy _____________________________ 🧬📜Genealogy📜🧬 ◾️GEDmatch YR8413131 ◾️Family Historian ◾️African American Research ◾️Genetic Genealogy ◾️Records Organization ◾️Surnames/Locales: 📌Parrish (GA) 📌Williams (GA, NJ) 📌Carswell (GA) 📌Harris (SC) 📌Green (GA) 📌Franklin (SC) 📌Jones (DC, MD) 📌Macgruder/Magruder (DC, MD) _____________________________ ⏱Planning⏱ 📖Analog Planning📖 📌Half-Letter Disc 📌Pocket Rings 📌Planner Insert Creator 📱Digital Planning📱 📌Notion 📌GoodNotes 📌Asana Community Building | Education | Black Genes Club | Wellness