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Charmaine T.




High Performance Coach | Brain Trainer | Spiritual Healer | Mental Health Professional | Author | Investor & Trader Helping you get out of your own way Emotionally and Mentally to step into your most abundant life with ease. 🗣 Join me for monthly #F_L_Y🦋 First Love YourSelf rooms for women to celebrate, heal and thrive. Self-Love is claiming your power back. Sacred Space for women. 🎉 To redeem the #F_L_Y 🦋 Self-Love Challenge Giveaway ( £150 iTunes Vouchers ) you must do the following; Follow me on CH Follow @rich_brain_poor_brain on IG Be registered for the Self-Love Challenge via email. London, UK based, Global reach. Ping me in rooms involving; ~ Marketing/Business Strategy ~ Mindfulness and Well-being ~ Spirituality and Healing ~ Black Wealth Matters ~ Diversity and Inclusion ~ African History ~ Investing and Trading Connect with me; FB:charmaine.ahealthyhappyyou/ Sow a seed 💸 £CharmaineTesaga