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Master Trainer of Medical Clients 🩺 Exercise for Complex Medical Conditions ❤️33 Years in Athletics🖤 🇺🇸 Rehab Compliance Focus Medical Intuitive 💋FITSex Discussion💄Facilitator👠 🎯 Still INJURED? Do you UNDERSTAND your injury? Post-Op for Surgery? A Fall? Car Accident? Did Rehab give you instructions and send you away but you STILL are not recovered enough to consider yourself healed or functional? Did it feel like it was a waste of time? Let’s get back on track and assess your current baseline... Instagram me! 🫀Heart Trainer and Blood Pressure Trainer: I teach Women, Men, Adult Seniors and Kids how to RAMP UP SAFELY in Exercise and take care of their hearts.♥️ Instagram Me for help! 😷 POST- COVID Recovery Trainer: Can you BREATHE after having COVID? Coughing too much? Can’t sleep because you can’t breathe? Are your LUNGS restored? If not, let me help you USING My COVID AIRWAY PROTOCOL!!! 🫁 Asthma & Lung Compromise Trainer: I teach Asthmatics of every age and stage HOW to Exercise and understand when your body is in Respiratory Distress. DM me for a free consultation. 🧠 Neurological Trainer: MS? Parkinsons? Stroke? Peripheral Neuropathy? Huntington’s? Alzheimer’s? Paraplegia? Muscle Atrophy due to lack of Nerve Innovation? I can help! Let’s establish what you CAN do, keep what you have, and re-establish your trajectory. DM me to start today! 💧 Fluid Balance Issues? I Specialize in Kidney Challenges, Edema and Swelling. DM me. Medical Advocacy: Providing bridging services from families to medical professionals. Happy to speak with you. Co-Moderator Billion Dollar Rolodex Interviewed: Yasin Hall-The Amazon Millionairess, Victoria Woods-The Financial Diva, Barbara Clarke Ruiz-Celebrity Designer, Chellie Campbell-Wealth Coach, Kandi Conda- Hall of Famer, CEO Fun Facts: ✳️Clubhouse Moderator Trainer 1. Single-Parent of 5 College Peeps 👀 2. TEDx Speaker Parent- Kiana Harper 3. Medical Advocate: Parent to a Kidney Transplant College Student 4. Course Writer: Senior Fitness Exercise Courses 👣 Medical Client Exercise Protocols 🩺 5. Diversity and Inclusion Speaker🎤 6. Blind Tech Creator & Start Up Owner 7. Military Kid (ARMY BRAT)🪖 8. Domestic Abuse Advocate 💰CashApp: $CharleneTHarper 💰Venmo: @Charlene-Harper-2