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Kirk Miller




🎓💡Mental Health & Educational Consultant | 🎼Music Specialist | 🚀CFFF & Time Perception Coach | 🏆Award-Winning Author Unlock your full potential with Kirk Patrick Miller, a passionate mental health and educational consultant specializing in music, coaching you to slow your pace (CFFF and perception of time), and reach your peak performance. Let's embark on a transformative journey together! 📚 Acclaimed author of "Chaos to Cured" (memoir) & "Dawn of Davna" (fantasy) 🏅 2021 Runner-up, "Mr. Health & Fitness" by Muscle & Fitness, a testament to my wellness expertise 🎤 Dynamic keynote speaker | 💪Mental health & wellness coach | ❤️Relationship & fulfillment coach | 🎧Live radio & podcast expert 📻 Former co-host of LIVE mental health radio show "Beyond Clarity," syndicated in NY, TX, & FL 🎻 Professional musician, Tchaikovsky concerto competition contender & award-winning teacher 🏥 Pioneering case of full remission from bipolar 1, thriving with OCD, GAD, ADHD Ready to unlock your dreams? Connect with me @Chaos2Cured IG/Twitter, Twitter, and Clubhouse 📩 Follow, Message, or DM for transformative coaching & insights