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Chantay Cobb




What does it profit me to be “BOSS” and my inner self is “LOSS”? Can U Listen👂 to the silence for 1 hour a day? Shhh 🤫 but silence ain’t quiet. In pursuit of peace of biblical proportions. I help black women transform & release negative emotions that are stuck in their bodies through Meditation, Essential Oils & TTT, The Emotion Code, etc. 🎤Clubhouse Moderator “WHEN BLACK GIRLS MEDITATE” Sun-Fri 6:30-7:30am EST 🎤Clubhouse Moderator Intro to "The Work" by Byron Katie TBA 📚Biblical Meditation Coach 🧎‍♀️ Certified Essential Oil Specialist 🌺💐🌸 Young Living Essential Oils Distributor💰 Minister Practioner🙏🏿 Domestic Violence Counseling😡 Emotional Release Coach❤️ MS -I/O Psychology🥋 🎙 🎤 Podcast - When Black Girls Meditate - do you think of meditation & black women 🤔 Apple podcast and Anchor $atthetablehm - cash-app 🤑 BOOK A One-One SESSION NOW New website Purchase your Essential oils? Check out link below Instructions for today’s 1 hour meditation Sit comfortably feet on floor back supported head free. Eyes closed. Inside or outside. No music- your heartbeat is the music. No App- you are the App 👠ATL🇺🇸