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Chantal Meester




💡🎨👩‍🎨 Designer and Creator of The “MixedMediaFun Inspirational Card Deck” *************************************************** 🎨 Artist 🖥 GraphicDesigner 🎨 Inspirationcards ✏️Doodler 🖼 Painter 🎨 MixedMedia 🎨 illustrator 🖥 Branding 💡Creative Developer On LinkedIn I inspire people every day with my Daily Art Cards to begin their days with Positive Vibes and Energy.✨ As a Graphic Designer, I Support Entrepreneurs in their Promotion and Social Media Campaigns ************************************************* I designed and created an Inspirational Card Deck consisting of 62 Hand-Drawn Art Cards with a 50-page Guidebook with Explanations of the Quotes and Sayings. These Cards are meant to be used on a daily basis to Inspire you in a variety of ways.  Check my Special Deal: 👇👇 👇👇 👇👇 👇 You can find me on all social media channels under @mixedMediaFun and #DailyArtBoost