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Chansa Kalunga




“U muntu ngumuntu ngabantu", which means, in Zulu: "I am because you are". Community is EVE-RY-THING. 🎙 Co-Host of South by SouthEast (SXSE), on the Afropolitan Network, Tuesdays, at 3pm EST (AFROPOLITAN LOUNGE ♣️) 🎙 Host of “Zambia House Weekly”, Saturdays, 12pm EST (ZAMBIA HOUSE ♣️) ✳️ Mod on demand Just a person that’s interested in people. Former co-founder/owner of a creative agency, Coeur de Lion Creative Services, which was agency on retainer for YUM Brands (KFC), LAFARGE CEMENT PLC., etc., so I come from a background of marketing, advertising and brand strategy. Currently working on a few really great projects revolving around: - universal literacy - logistics - personal branding + PR - location branding + PR ✉️: [email protected] ⬇️ DMs are forever open ⬇️