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Jazz Vocalist | Recording Artist “It’s difficult to nail down just what makes her voice so darn compelling. Maybe it’s the comfort and familiarity, maybe the confiding honesty. Whatever the case, it works exceptionally well.” 2024 Fellow — DC Commission on the Arts 2023 Fellow — DC Commission on the Arts 2022 Jazz Delegate — Republic of Germany 2021 Fellow — BIMA/A2IM 2020 Award — United States Artist CH Co-Host — New Jazz Listener, Sun 4p ET Enjoying life as a Rotarian and vegan and am a lover of art, fashion, film, kite flying and helping the underserved. Will learn to be a good photographer one of these days. Pronounced — CHANG UH MEE RAY For brands, booking and creative collaboration, email: [email protected] 🎤🎶 Owner, Sonnig Records LLC offering: * Live Entertainment * Virtual Entertainment * Music Production * Music Publishing * Musician advocacy ❤️ ✌🏿🕊