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RELATIONSHIPS WIN CHAMPIONSHIPS ! Soooo WHY DO SO MANY RELATIONSHIPS STRUGGLE? Most say Lack of Communication. But what exactly isn’t being communicated though? After studying this, I realized… 1. Most of us are not CLEARLY COMMUNICATING our… NATURAL HUMAN DESIRES How we want to be Heard, Seen, Felt, Understood, Valued, Connected, Accepted, Appreciated & LOVED We are also not communicating… 2. What type and level of support we desire in the following SUPPORT SYSTEM CATEGORIES 1. Spiritual Support 2. Emotional Support 3. Intellectual Support 4. Experiential Support 5. Sensual Support & 6. Financial Support Many of us build relations with people with no agreement or promises of what support we’re looking to receive and give. —————————————— SO, WHAT STEPS WILL HELP WITH BETTER RELATIONS? MY HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP FRAMEWORK 1. Self evaluate, write down AND communicate your : “S.P.L.A.S.H.E.D” 📝STORY / AUTOBIOGRAPHY 🤪PERSONALITY TYPE 😋LIKES & DISLIKES + FEARS 💪ABILITIES / STRENGTHS + WEAKNESSES 🪑SUPPORT SYSTEM ♻️HABITS 🙌🏾EMPOWERMENT ACTIVITES 💎DEEP & CORE VALUES + 🤺CONFLICT RESOLUTION STYLE 🎙COMMUNICATION STYLE / LOVE LANGUAGE 🤞 ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM & MEASURES 2. Analyze and Categorize the people you know into the following: RELATIONSHIP GROUPS GOD YOURSELF (have to have a solid relationship with self) SPOUSE PARENTS SIBLINGS RELATIVES PETS ———- CLOSE FRIENDS FRIENDS COWORKERS ASSOCIATES CHALLENGERS ENEMIES And Document your Role and Responsibilities —————————————— THREATS Assumed Expectations Broken Promises/Agreements No Boundaries Ulterior motives