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I am Jo Phillips she/her from .Cent magazine London. We are a digital interactive magazine that celebrates creativity across the board. We do strategy and branding make digital content all fierce with a loving heart Music to film, art to fashion, literature to design, via architecture and scent and so much more. Be inspired; Get involved. We are a digital branding agency making content. By storytelling your business strategist and branding working from inside to out in a congruent emotive dynamic way; a refreshing modern approach to building and rebranding I am also a founder member of the PBC club here where we daily spend 15 minutes every weekday sharing gratitude šŸ’„šŸ‘ šŸ‘—šŸøšŸŽ„šŸ“€šŸ“ššŸ‡¬šŸ‡§šŸ“øšŸ¢šŸÆ