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Career & Executive Coach, 변호사 🎙Live Your Dream Podcast Host 📖꿈을 이뤄드립니다 작가 ❤️Creator of LOVE Coaching framework 😍Give One Dream Founder 한국 이름: 이채영 👩🏻‍🎓 MIT (BS) U.C. Berkeley Law School (JD) Career & Executive Coach 🌟Helping you transition into careers you love and out of unfulfilling jobs with my LOVE framework 🎙Live Your Dream Podcast Creator and Host 🎤 TEDx and Keynote Speaker ❤️ Founder of Give One Dream Curious storyteller and dreamer with a mission to inspire you to live your dream and do what you LOVE ❤️ Corporate Lawyer, Investment Banker and Director at AI startup turned Career & Executive Coach, Podcast Host and Writer 🎙Live Your Dream Podcast with Celina Lee Listen 👉 3 Steps to Finding True Career Fulfillment Download 👉 🤩 Join Live Your Dream Club to listen to inspirational stories about dreams, courage, inspiration and creativity! 🌟 I started my career as an investment banker and then worked as a corporate lawyer, and learned the hard way the importance of doing work that is meaningful to me. After many career transitions, I now work as a career & executive coach which I believe is my calling, and help others to find fulfillment in their careers and do meaningful work. 😄 Feeling stuck in your career? Questions about my podcast? Reach out 👉 Or DM me on Instagram ❤️Love chocolate 🍫 travel✈️ yoga🧘🏻‍♀️🐶🐱 😄ENFJ 🇰🇷🇺🇸NYC❤️Seoul