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Katharina Walter




CELEBRATE BEING … ✅ HD: 6/2 QR Manifestor ✅ Gene Keys Guide ✅ Infinite traveller ✅ co-creative Mentor ✅ gypsy soul ✅ mom of three I AM I am who I am. I am. I am love. I am here and there I am flow - ‚the other‘, yet same, everything that is. I am the friend, the sister, the mother and daughter, the companion, the woman A unique human note in this divine melody. I’m the thoughtful, the melancholic, the initiating one, the quiet. I am the creative, the one with so many faces and without. The one who flows with you, laughs with you, accompanies you, appreciates you, celebrates being you, Is one in love with you. I am the adventurer, My truth lies in appreciation and authenticity, in inviting and embracing the unknown. I am the one who listens, the one who might provoke, Simply by being, the one who wants and doesn’t want, who understands and doesn’t understand. The one who cares, accepts, allows, holds, listens, embraces and loves whatever IS. I am what I am – the infinite energy flow celebrating an excitingly unique human experience. Celebrate Being ❤️