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Cecile Tamura




🔺President & CEO Okasaki Tech Holdings Corp 🔺Tokyo Boeki Development iniInternational Inc.| 🔺Airily Corp,iii I 🔺Ambassador Network Society. Im🔶Serial Entrepreneur mki I’llokmkn 🔶Designer inmmikikmkk 🔶Polymath Mo in For the past 5 years 2 exits, currently 2 stealth mi IIoKI I🌠Admin & Host -Quantum m iiPhotonics 🌠Founder -The European i Minmi Founder of Houses: knokik 1. AI Bio Nano Info Cogno Sci i ok kk 2. The EU House Interests; 🔹Exponential Technologies 🔹Disruptive Innovation 🔹Artifical Intelligence 🔹Neuroscience 🔹Physics 🔹Brain Machine Interface 🔹Transforming Education 🔹Immersive Tech 🔹Fintech 🧯De fi 🪔NFT 🔹Molecular Gastronomy Cooking Fine Dining kn 🔹Modpo 🔹Robotics I 🔹CRISPR knk 🔹Fashion 🔹 Complex systems 🔹Chaos 🔹Emergence 🔹Iiot Smart cities Circular economy 🔹Musicimmim 🔹Literature 🔹Arts 🔹Topology 🔹 Design Thinking 🔹 Morphogenesis 🔹 Geopoliticsi 🔹 Leadership 🔹 Management 🔹 Strategy 🧚🏻‍♂️Degrees: 💥Political Science 💥Psychology ☀️Philosophy 💥MBA 💥Law Tags: Singularity University, Harumi Klossowska, Quantum Photonics, Deep Learning, Strong ArtificIal Intelligence, Quantum Mechanics and Theoretical Physics, Self Categories of the Mind and Geometry, Techno Optimism, Empirical Transhumanism, Consciousness Studies, Instituto de Fisica, Scientific Inventions, Empirical Transhumanism, Wonderfest Science News, Techno-Optimism, Radical Science News, The Neuro Network Passion Projects: Kikk 💕Deep Learning study group for Probabilistic Machine Learning imo Iby Dr. Kevin Murphy (Google mk)- kkconcluded March 2022km Deep Learning FB group 211k m no mmimkmembers, Strong Artificial Intelligence 65.3k members, & imAI-imDataScience-Dl-ML 38.3k km M Kkjim 💕Citizen science hackathon i remote sensing using Space Apps in collaboration with NASA, JAXA, and ESAi Mmmm💕For three years now, I ihad been leading the COVID-19 Action Network supporting the medical frontliners, organizing WeCare donations, and free online consultations. Manila. ⛱Tokyo. 🎯LA🛵 Silicon Valley🏎 Facebook: Cecile G. Tamura it heikimk. N