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Cecilia Poon




Spatial design. Earth Sciences. Design research// ontological design, transdisciplinary, planetary thinking, spatial experience, social innovation, co-design, creative cognition, design philosophy, design education... Newbie social entrepreneur — ! Citizen Science design art project looking for geology lovers please DM ! — Also looking for AI or VR artist/ non-profit/ social enterprise/ community/ gallery/ co-working space user or founder for a research experiment project!! if you are interested or know someone that might be able to help please dm! Website: Experimental Workshop// Online session// More to Come - contact for collaboration:) hybrid - online and physical space __ Experimental design - discover & learn tgt :) *design philosophy club looking for moderators* dm Collective mind-mapping experiment // Making sense of // What does design do? What if/ agency? Science, Art, Design & Technology Collab.experiment 1.0 Political art and design ~Random room Designed future// ~23 CET (English) 同議實驗//1.0 設計的意義 2.0 共同的可能 ~15 CET (Cantonese) 討論與反思// ~random 共筆捨//嗅味相投//浮沙碎石 readin’ room current: Understanding Media - McLuhan The design philosophy reader ~weekday 9 CET rethinking ____ room ~weekday 13-15 CET Don’t stop pretending room -Radom — 🇭🇰 + 🇹🇼 — Msc Bauhaus COOP Design Research 🇩🇪 MA Interior Design 🇬🇧 UH Bsc Earth Science 🇹🇼 NCKU ENFP Geotechnical engineering, philosophy, A.I., cognitive science, urban studies, workplace strategy — Linkedin: cecifishpoon