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DrCristina Diaz-Madronero




🩺 Veterinarian & Dermatologist 📙Author of “The New Pet Parent Book”-A simple guide to help your dog thrive (discount link below ⬇️) Mission: ⛑ Promote responsible pet ownership and improving the human-animal bond, by educating pet parents on how best to help their dog thrive and be happy, so they can have a beautiful life together as a family 🧡 🐾 Animal lover 🎗 Collaborator with international animal rescue charity 👩🏼‍⚕️PgC Small Animal Dermatology 📚 Life-long student 💎 Entrepreneur 🌳Conservationist 🇪🇸🇬🇧Spanish/British Interested in; 🩺Medicine 🧠 Human psychology 📊Business 📕Reading / learning! 💃 Salsa dancing 🧳Traveling 🏇🏻Horse riding 🧡 Be kind, always 🏵The most important thing is what you live behind ❇️ ❇️Available in and ❇️E-book: ⬆️Get your ebook @hotmart with 25% discount using code CLUBHOUSE 📍 Liverpool