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Christopher Casson




☸️🕉️☯️Called by some The Autistic Guru. I’m an autistic photographer rediscovering the world and bringing awareness to the difficulties autistic adults face. Who went from wanting to hide away in my room to start traveling across the United States. 🇺🇸 📷 Event/Portrait/Real Estate Photographer with a love for travel. 🎤 Host of the Thru Autistic Eyes Podcast 🎨My first language is art. My second language is English. 🎯Showing the world how autistic traits are a gift to embrace, not a curse to cure. 🎯Champion the movement Autism To ARTism, which focuses on ability instead of disability and have the autistic community feel they belong and have a purpose on this Earth. 🎯Photographing and creating art that shares my view of the world. 🎯In the Top 5 of the first season of the global competition The Next Impactor. - Instagram @cdcassoncreates