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Carlo Barbieri 3rd




Filmmaker / Editor - AV Tech: V1 / V2 From: Boston, MA Film: Hypnotic (2023) Ted / Ted 2 Ghostbusters (2016) Free Guy Central Intelligence The Wheelmen (Netflix) +Whole bunch of indie films TV: Walking Dead (Seasons 1-3) Gotham (Season 1) Daredevil (Season 1) Jessica Jones (Season 1) Luke Cage (Season 1) Castle Rock (Season 1) The Walburgers Dexter: New Blood (Season 1) Documentaries IBM: Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Doc AV Work: Massachusetts Institute of Technology BCEC My own works: Freelance (Feature) You Too (Short) Visitant (Short) Turkey With a Side of Blood (Short) Sick (Short) He Kindly Stopped For Me (Short) Hobby: Collecting Media DM me if you want to collaborate on anything or need editing done. Main Link: