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[kay’vawn] // cavaughn.eth // 🇬🇩 Anthropologic Technologist, TED Alum, social-entrepreneur, God-fearing, investor, undercover nerd🤓, product sage, legacy builder 🛠. AφA // consistently named: @cavaughn on all the socials... 🔳 Things I nerd out on: brand dev • product design • UX • storytelling •pitching • pricing strategy • HCI - human/computer interaction • NFTs • Metaverse • Web3 🔳 Clubs I Run: ▫️Caribbean Connection ▫️You Got Served: Blk Service Businesses ▫️Hack Black 🔳 Co-Host: ▫️‘Get Unstuck’ Founder Office Hours Fun Facts: #TheLionKingCH alum, coconut connoisseur Mission: I’m just here to see the culture win ✊🏾