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Caterina Rando




👑❤️👑 I am here to to make sure every woman knows that she matters, has a voice and has massive value to bring. ❤️ 👑 JOIN ME for Achieving Sales Bliss, a 90 minute, info packed, live, virtual free workshop. Get the info and more free info-packed business building gifts at: 👑 Speaking + Selling+ Scaling mentoring for women service entrepreneurs on a mission 👑 Master speaker, women business and sales mentor. Serving for 25 + years, sharing how to build and expand your Fempire with speaking, authentic selling, scaling, offering profitable group programs and sold out retreats. 👑 Info-packed, uplifting speaker, trainer, podcaster, retreat facilitator, thought leader and multi book author. 👑 Founder, Thriving Women in Business Community and Center ⚜️ Host of the Expand Your Fempire podcast ⚜️ Creator of the Expand Your Fempire FREE APP ⚜️Founder of the Thriving Women in Biz Club here on Clubhouse ⚜️ Join our Thriving Women in Business Group on Facebook ⚜️Join our Bliss Retreat for Women Leaders on a Mission, Jan 31st, 2023 👑 Free resources and tools: 👑Expand Your Fempire programs, workshops and retreats info: I am all about: ❤️ Positivity ⚜️Integrity ❤️ Generosity ⚜️Community ❤️ Philanthropy ⚜️Blissing in business ❤️Wearing my heart all over my biz ⚜️Providing massive value while uplifting others in all things 💎Author, Learn to Power Think 💎Author, A Women’s Guide to Starting a Giving Circle 💎 Author, A, B, Cs of Public Speaking 📍San Francisco 🇺🇸 🌏 I love to speak Italian 🔆 Member National Speakers Assoc., Polka Dot Powehouse, National Assoc. of Women Business Owners, E Women Network, Women of the World, Business Women Community, and The Gather Community. 🖤