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Catarina Cunha




🎓 Ph.D NYU Neuroscience I’m the founder of Science Society. We are looking for team members. Please contact me. Website: Review Editor Frontiers in Neuroscience I’m the founder of a health tech start-up We developed an easy use and very cost-effective mental health screening tool that is ready for the market. We develop novel drug treatments for mental health disorders. Very promising preclinical study results: anxiety, addiction, autism, chronic pain. Founder of IT consulting company We are supporting Ukrainian programmers to stimulate their economy and help rebuilding Ukraine. Entrepreneur, Neuroscientist, Photographer, kids book author, mom. Research 📖 Science books for girls “Alicia’s Discoveries” From Porto, grew up in Germany now in NYC. Happy to talk with you in English, Portuguese, German, and to some extent in Spanish. General public articles summarizing my research projects: Co-founder of the “Maria de Sousa School”. The school without walls as a tribute to Maria de Sousa’s life and how she touched all of our lives. Our mission is to continue Maria de Sousa’s mission of making an impact in Portuguese science through education. 📚 Previous Assistant Professor NYU Langone - currently focusing on my startups and foundation work