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Jason Leo




☎️ Building & Investing in all 3 Waves of the Internet aka the New Economy since 1999. Feat. in the WSJ, Wired, Forbes, & Business Insider. #40under40 LIFE PURPOSE Continue to stay on the bleeding edge of innovation by investing (private & public markets) in the Founders who are Building a Digital Frontier that will truly Reshape the Human Condition. #4IR 🛰️#Space 🤖#Robotics 🪵#Materials 🏥#Health ₿Crypto/Blockchain Previous Bplan judge @Stanford, @MIT50K, @Worldbank CURRENTLY 🌆 Board [Solving Social Needs] 🌆 Board @Carvalho.Foundation [Grants to Social Entrepreneurs) 💰 Angel Investor @Carvalho.VC [Building #SpaceEconomy] ALUMNI @indochino (1st EMPL) @paretologic (1st EMPL) @Fortuno (SOLD) @Mercurial 💾 HISTORY Fortunate in my twenties (early 2000’s) to be thrown into the wide world of custom software development for Profit 100, custom software developer Mercurial. At 23 I saw first hand how software used by millions of users globally in the 1st wave of the internet, was built and marketed. Our clients were Netscape (Netscape 8), AOL, Microsoft and more. In my first 12 months (2004), I secured hyper growth software security startup, Paretologic, as a major client. The founders then asked me to join as 1st employee. With the blessing of Mercurial’s CEO, I joined & my first journey of building a (profitable, privately held) startup, which ultimately reached 100M, began. I learned how to build a profitable vertically integrated software security, e-commerce company with A+ Founders. The 2nd journey would be later that decade in 2009. Nursing a bruised ego due to building Fortuno Lending Ltd, a P2P Lending marketplace that never achieved its full potential due to the crash of 08, (it was acquired by an Australian firm); I joined VC backed as 1st Employee. With 100M raised to date and 600 employees globally + 100M in rev, is a powerhouse in the fashion/e-commerce space. We, along with WarbyParker & Bonobos, defined a new era of Fashion known as “Fast Fashion.” I learned how to build a VC backed company & build a lasting competitive brand. In the years that followed, those journeys of building high growth companies defined my own formula for building. Again I moved from the 1st EMPL / Exec to Founder & CEO; launching 2 more startups. 1 failed. 1 sold. Now in my 40’s, this decade is dedicated to acquiring, investing & coaching startups building the next wave, the #4IR