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Carrington Dennis




🖤 Technical & Product Focused Founder 🛸 Founder @ (Online Improv Community) 🏗 Founder/ CEO @ CarringtonCreative.Company (Business and Software Consultancy for Startups) 🎢 Hobbies/ Interests: Improv, Boxing, Mandarin, Latin Dancing, Painting & Sketching, Plant-Based Dieting, and Exercising 🗺 Washington, D.C. (DMV) || 🇯🇲 — Interested in becoming a greater version of yourself? Feel free to join some of these Clubs: ⏺ Let’s Get Sh*t Done Club ⏺ Solo Founder Club ⏺ Black Men Heal ⏺ Algorithms and Data Structures ⏺ The Club For AI Practitioners ⏺ Improv for the Rest of Us