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Carol Wachniak




🧑‍💼 Life Expert Birth is a Lifestyle I help my clients Birth Babies, Ideas, Products, and Businesses 10 K personal 🌍global Rolodex helping Entrepreneurs, Alternative Med, Biotechnology Sustainability Inventors CEOs with their dreams to connect and form strategic alliances with the right people, obtain the resources, capital, strategies to have their dreams become a reality. Carol’s talent connections, systems and processes created a quantifiable worldwide impact for her clients. In school you get the lessons then the test and in life you get the test and then the lesson (c)1984 Host Room CEO to CEO Mindset 🌱Jump Start Your Health - Coach at the Cellular Level Program Protection from 5 G and EMF smog convert negative effects with a biotechnology product Ping me Networking 👯👯Host Private Impact Focused - Strategic Connections Mastermind 📈Business Growth Scaling / 💡Inventors S & M Product Development 🏥 Health & Wellness ⛑🤰🐕‍🦺 Advocate for unwed mothers babies / Homebirth Midwifery / Homeschool Ed. / Homicide / Search and Rescue / Dreamers to get their dreams ________________________________ About Me & Quantifiable Impact / God’s Character Development Plan comes from my story and for each impact was a trajectory rocket from a contrast in my life 👩‍⚕️ Host Largest Birthing Community on LinkedIn 🌎Served over 4,000 clients since 1980 👶 Certified Doula Family Services 1,000 births Host Unwed Mothers Ministry in our home. 🩺 Alternative Health & Wellness Advocate Outreach 168 Countries Because of my brothers Homicide I Assisted DuPage Co Search and Rescue Certification for all the puppies that replaced all the dogs that died after 09/11 🇫🇯Co-created a Masterplan School Campus in Fiji 🛫 🧳Created & designed prototype in 1986 UAL Airline Bag Tag my design was applied to all airlines worldwide. Saving 💰$ billions in preventing lost luggage.🧳 ❤️Married, 👩‍👧‍👦Mother of Eight, 👵Grandmother of 18 ✍️📚Author, 🎤International Speaker 👩‍💼CEO Genesis 1 Management & Consulting 📖Co-Founder Educational Foundation for the Children of Fiji 501c3/ 🎙Show Host “Positive Impact Show” “The difference you make by the actions you take!” Interests ✈️ Travel 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Connecting 🥗 Cooking 📧 DMs are open Or join my private Facebook Groups