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🌱Menopause Empowerment Strategist! Your partner in Optimal Health and Well-being. 👑CEO of Balancing Life with Carol LLC 💕A Certified Life Coach. 🇯🇲👩‍⚕️Registered Nurse with over 40 years experience. ✈️International Travel Expert 📗Author of the book” You Can” 💒 Believer in Christ ✅I bring a refreshing openness to the conversation about this transformative phase of life. I guide women through mental, emotional and physical pain experienced during menopause fostering an environment where we can discuss and navigate the challenges together. Let’s break the silence, embrace the journey, and empower you to thrive during this powerful chapter of your life. Embark on a happier, healthier and wealthier life by using seed-based nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes to pave a pathway to total health and wellness.🏃🏽‍♂️💦🍎🍋 How: Eating seeds products every day which are: ✅Cold pressed ✅Organic ✅Gluten free ✅Keto friendly ✅Black cumin seed - main ingredient Total Lifestyle changes to include : 💙 Goal setting 💙Mindset change 💙Diet 💙Exercise 💙Plant and seed based foods 💙Accountability 💙I hold your hand cheerleader 💙Earning while optimizing your health, helping others to enhance their health and well- being. Practicing self-care as you travel the world one country at a time. ✍️Please text me or click on this link for your Personalized Care Plan: 👇🏽 😩My reason for this passion is due to my history of sleeplessness, and extreme tiredness due to early menopause. I was introduced to Seed based- nutrition and the rest is history. 🏥Motto: Let’s break the silence regarding menopause!! Let your voice be heard🗣️!! 🔥Business website: ✍️Instagram: see below 👇🏽 Carolpatwhyne 🥰Facebook: Carol Whyne ✈️🏨🚢🚕Website for travel is: travel.cfm 💲Cash app: $3777w 💰Venmo@carolwhyne 🗣Wisdom app: Carol whyne 🗣Anchor : I