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Carol Whyne




🌱Menopause Empowerment Strategist! Your partner in Optimal Health and Well-being. 👑CEO of Balancing Life with Carol LLC 💕A Certified Life Coach. 🇯🇲👩‍⚕️Registered Nurse with over 40 years experience. ✈️International Travel Expert 📗Author of the book” You Can” 💒 Believer in Christ ✅I help clients to navigate the challenges of Menopause, providing personalized support, reliable information, and practical tools to improve their quality of life. How: Total Lifestyle changes to include : 💙 Goal setting 💙Mindset change 💙Diet 💙Exercise 💙Plant and seed based foods 💙Accountability 💙I hold your hand cheerleader 💙Earning while optimizing your health, helping others to enhance their health and well- being. Practicing self-care as you travel the world one country at a time. ✍️Please text me or click on this link for your Personalized Care Plan: 👇🏽 😩My reason for this passion is due to my history of sleeplessness, and extreme tiredness due to early menopause. I got frustrated, prayed for an answer, and was introduced to Seed- sourced Nutrition, “got” immediate relief, slept like a baby, and this continues today. 🏥Motto: Let’s embrace Menopause, break the silence, and live your best life ever! 🔥Business website: ✍️Instagram: see below 👇🏽 Carolpatwhyne 🥰Facebook: Carol Whyne ✈️🏨🚢🚕Website for travel is: travel.cfm 💲Cash app: $3777w 💰Venmo@carolwhyne 🗣Wisdom app: Carol whyne 🗣Anchor :