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Mystic. Metaphysical Teacher. Author. I guide forward thinkers to their Christed self, Christ Consciousness, the divine power within. 🕉 Known for her eclectic approach to biblical interpretation and characteristic “outside the box” thinking, Carol inspires you to peel back layers of presuppositions, limiting beliefs, and think in new and empowering ways allowing divine health, wealth, relationships & true-self expression, your creative magnificence, the unique blend of you to emerge. With love for sacred texts & ancient wisdom, Carol brings an inclusive theological perspective to her talks. Books by me: 📚 Moving To Your Next Level 📚 The Top 10 Secrets of Awesome People 📚 The 10 Commandments of Excellence (For Preachers Only) 📚 Just Thinking w/Alexis & Me 📚 Let's connect: 🔹 Book a Spiritually Speaking 1:1: 🔹 CH Clubs: Creating Amazing & The Girl’s Guru 🔹CH Rooms:”Tuesday Talk,” & The Law of Attraction in Action 🔹 On.Zoom events: Mystic Cafés, Synergy Circle (webinars) 🔹 Private FB Group: @Spiritually Speaking, Where Spiritual Thinkers Gather 🔹 Insight Timer: @Carol L. Lawrence (Talks & Meditations) 🔹 You Tube: @ Carol I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.” Socrates I love Sushi, Great Danes, & Line Dancing (though I can’t keep in step😂). 🔅 I am Intuitively Yours, Carol PayPal: [email protected] Edit your topics 🕯 Spirituality · 🍃 Mindfulness · 🌳 Philosophy · 🌽 Nutrition · 🧘🏻‍♀️ Meditation · 🥕 Veganism · 🌱 Networking