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Caroline Goyder




Voice • Speaking • Panic to Power • Author “Gravitas”+”Find Your Voice” PenguinRandomHouse I help speakers overcome their panic and find their gravitas, power and presence under pressure. It’s practical stuff - mind-voice-body-breath and making it all work fluently so those butterflies in your belly fly in formation. I walk my talk. My TEDx on speaking with confidence has been watched over 8.5 million times. But secretly I’m all about the listening. Good speakers are always good listeners first. I’ve helped royalty, news anchors, CEOS, founders and politicians to find (and enjoy) their voices and to speak with confidence, and power. I worked at Central School of Speech and Drama 🎭 teaching voice 🌬to actors and non actors for a decade. Featured Psychologies Magazine, Red, Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Economist, BBC. What do I LOVE to talk about? 🎙Secrets to speaking well (With confidence, easy presence. Soul.) 🎙How you find your impact and gravitas in the world so you can make a difference your way 🎙How to find a style that is yours when you speak or moderate. 🎙Why presence and confidence is a lot about being intentional - showing up curious about how you can help, (and why it rarely shows up in those obsessed about how they can win). 🗣The incredible instrument that is the voice. 💓The crucial importance of empathy and connection in great speakers. 🎤Voice coaching🎙Public speaking (and why we shouldn’t call it that) 🦋 How to get your butterflies flying in formation so you can get from panic to power on stage. 🎭 🎤How you can overcome impostor syndrome and step onto whatever stage the theatre of life you’re speaking on. Lifelong fascination with the mind-body-breath-voice. Endlessly curious about 🌬 breathwork, Pilates, Voice and speech, alignment🌱, Qigong, Alexander technique, yoga 🙏and meditation🧘‍♂️ and how it helps us to show up present and centred, magnetic to others 🧲 in our power🔥