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Carolina Lopez




Evolutionary Mindset Evolutionary Life Method vida evolucionaría powerful mindset mentalidad poderosa Entrepreneur Organization EO 💵Serial Entrepreneur & Businesswoman for over 2 decades, 💎Programa MENTALIDAD PODEROSA 💎Helping create an Evolutionary Life, key to unleashing our potential and achieving anything! As an Entrepreneur: 💎Been the Founder and CEO of several international companies in the areas of: 🛫Logistics, International Transportation, Customs, 3PL, Tech&Software, Consulting&Legal Firm, and Education Programs. 🗣️Trained hundreds of people in the areas of Mindset and Self-Esteem. 🦸‍♀‍Founder of the SUPERHERO PROGRAMS. With my amazing team, are helping thousands of kids, parents and educators to connect with their inner power, BOOST SELF-ESTEEM and have advantages to thrive in life. As an author and coach, 📚Published 2 children's Audio-books with positive affirmations, visualizations, and meditations for kids. 🎓Created more than 10 different curricula within the Superhero Programs, for schools and families. 🤑YOUR EMPIRE WILL BE AS BIG AS YOUR MINDSET: Developed study programs, seminars, and masterminds for entrepreneurs 👩‍🎓Mentored women in local businesses, to develop their mindset and business skills to succeed. 🎙Podcast: “MENTALIDAD PODEROSA EN 18 minutos” Let´s Connect, Collab and Create Greatness Together! Mail: [email protected] Phone: +1 305 400 2923