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Carol Chiang




Www. Carol Chiang, OTR/L, CAPS, ECHM, CHAMP is a Home Modification Occupational Therapist, Realtor and Aging in Place Expert. She is a former Olympic-caliber athlete, McGill Sports Hall of Fame Inductee in 2012 and writes extensively on the importance of wellness and prevention as a positive aging habit. She is the founder of Evolving Homes, which helps homeowners create a plan for their future. Consultations include discussions over financial planning, caregiver availability and options for beautiful accessibility. She is also the creator of Age in Place or Find a New Space®, a service which helps homeowners determine if moving to a new home is more cost effective than remodeling an existing home. Carol is a consultant to many large companies such Toyota Research Institute, AARP AgeTech Collaborative and Habitat for Humanity to help them develop solutions for older adults. She specializes in providing education to non-clinicians and assisting with business development strategies. She has appeared in AARP webinars alongside AARP’s Amy Goyer and Amanda Singleton, filmed a pilot TV show about luxury Aging in Place and has been a speaker at numerous conferences including the UF Parkinsons Symposium, Neurochallenge Expo and Rehab Tech Summit. She enjoys challenges and climbed Mount Kilamanjaro in 2002, lived abroad for many years and speaks multiple languages including English, French, Chinese. She is very active in her community as a Rotarian and has a special interest in building multi-generational relationships between teens and older adults in programs such as the MIT AgeLab Omega.