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VA specialist, B:B marketing lover and business investor. 🇦🇺 Crazy enough to buy at apple product JUST to play on Clubhouse. 🤣 🙋‍♂️Want to know what a VA can do for you? Link to our free book that answers this exact question in my Instagram bio and at Learn about practical ways you can get support from a VA to get you business rocking. 📈 (Yeah baby!) To learn more about virtual assistants check out global Invite me into your groups to explore awesome ways you can utilise virtual assistants to grow and market your business. I share the good the bad and everything in between. Oh, and I also love a good dating analogy. 🤣 For those of you on the other side of the globe...if you want to go to sleep and have your room rocking, hit me up. I am a fun, switched on (according to my Mum... 😝) facilitator who will keep your business audience engaged. Checkout my amazing business partner Maureen Pound. She is really insightful and funny. Together on Facebook we create a community of “Legends Doing Business Your Way” where they share tactics and insights. Join us. 🙂 Q. How do you know when you have spent too much time on Clubhouse? A. You tell the can who is parading around on the kitchen bench to get off the ‘stage’. 🤣