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Dr. Carla


Free your Mind with Dr. Carla, Mindhealth Expert 🌟"I help people transform their lives using the power of their mind "🌟 ♦️Mental Wellness♦️Self Empowerment ♦️ ♦️Healing Therapy♦️ ♦️Personal & Professional Development ♦️ ♦️Corporate Consultations for Success♦️ WHO IS DR. CARLA ? ✅️Multidisciplinary background and more than 10 years of expertise ✅️Licensed Rapid Transformational Practitioner -RTTP ✅️MEd - Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism ✅️Pharm-D 📚Co-author 🏷 Accredited by RSM, IACT and ACCPH ❤️‍🩹 Passionate about Epigenetics, human potential and the future of wellbeing Let's Talk: 📍 📧 [email protected] 🌟VIRTUAL and In-CLINIC consultations to heal any psychological, physical and emotional pain from its root cause in a fast (1-3 sessions), deep and effective way using a clinically proven, documented and thorough mix of behavioral and transformational therapy principles. 🌟Expert in ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) providing support for the autistic individual using Applied Behavior Analysis