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Jennifer Dahl




Career and Business Health Coach National Speaker helping people like you who are looking for a career transformation. DM open for you to begin your healthy career journey. 🔵 You will learn what careers your skills will transfer over to 🔵 You will find a career and company that goes with your values 🔵 You will learn and create a career plan that includes goals, resume, interviewing, networking, how to find jobs and more 🔵You can be physically and emotionally healthier with the right career path 🔵You can be healthier with mindful eating and intentional choices 💰Helped well over 2000 people find a new career or level up their career ✅ JT FOXX is my entrepreneur coach ✅ Member of JT FOXX Founders 👶 proud grandma and mother of 3 adult children 🐈 cat lover to my 3 cats - rescue, find, take care of strays 🏖 beach lover - Florida resident 🧠mindful eating and no longer obese I will be your much needed confidant so you can live a long (enjoying retirement instead of early death) and prosperous life dealing with personal and career issues with an abundance of support. 🟢 1:1 coaching available - send DM or book your free 30 min consultation at: I utilize my 25 years in mental health and vocational rehabilitation to dig deep to find the causes and solutions to your career health issues. 🌞 Expert in personal development for high stress careers that lead to a more productive life at work and home. 👁 You can figure out why you are burned out and you can overcome this. Composure of the mind 🧠 is so important for productivity at work and in your personal life. When you create a symphony 🎶and all the parts of your life play beautifully, you will be healthier emotionally and physically so you don’t die young. You deserve to enjoy your retirement one day. I am a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC Florida) with over 20 years of experience assisting individuals in all types of personal and workplace issues. 😮 Instead of a 6 month course to be a coach, I went to school for a Masters degree. Connect with me on Instagram🌈 Overcoming fears Setting realistic goals Following through Imposter syndrome breakthroughs Healthy living and mindful eating Job seeking Resume building Job searching Networking Interviewing Negotiating salary 🟢 LETS TALK: to book a free 30 minute success plan