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Alex Balish




Safety Educator expert with over 30 years of experience 🩹⛑ Business owner over 10 years strong and counting. 📍NJ 📍NY 📍PA 📍Conn. 📍And beyond…. w/ online training Ask about our new platform coming soon. The Parent Coach Looking to connect: 908.443.1277 I am aligned with the following groups. American Heart Association American Red Cross Health & Safety Institute (HSI) OSHA Outreach instructor Stop the Bleed Ambassador Safesitter training center We teach CPR, 1st Aid, OSHA, Stop the Bleed, Safesitter ❤️I have training thousands of people on how to safe a life.❤️ 🚨Give the gift of Safety by having the things you need in an Emergency🚨 ***************************************** 💪 I am a believer in making your own luck🍀 👉You need to burn the ships and only go forward. 👈 **************************************** I have been an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) for over 30 years I teach Parents-Professionals to save a life. We teach groups and individuals. . ❤️Do you have the tool to know what to do if someone is in need of medical attention? If the answer is NO… We need to connect! ❤️It’s not IF something happens it’s when it happens and how you handle it that counts! ❤️I teach people feel comfortable when the people that you know and love need your help the most. ❤️People feel uncomfortable when they are not proficient in something. The goal of my company is to change this mindset. ❤️Avid networker looking to always make connections for my clients. ❤️I love to connect and see how I can help you expand your business and mine. #learncpr #keto #oneketoneatatime ❤️Personal not I am learning to eat healthier and cleaner through low carb high protein/fat lifestyle #keto. Be advocate of Dr. Boz learning the science of your body will help you understand what it needs. *********************************************** Podcaster 🎙 Podcasting Guest Host of Workplace Safety Warriors Co host of “What FROMcast?” Co host of "1923" Yellowstone Show Co host of Daddy Daughter Bookworms Public Speaker Networker Connector Toastmasters Practice Karate Parent & father 👧 Real Estate investor #REWN #Genesis Lost my letter from Hogwarts *********************************************** Check out my Linktree for all about me and my company.